Collaborative Work - Transform Cannabis

Transform Cannabis Logo Explore Here

Project Description

Worked as content producer with a team of high level students to create a website to advocate for Medical Cannabis.

Book Review: CMS

screenshot of choose your own adveture game Explore Here

Project Description

Created a Content Managing System through PHP.

Collaborative Work - Catapalooza

Current Website of Catapalooza Inc. Catapalooza done by the Team Explore Here

Project Description

Collaborated with 4 senior level students as a content manager for creating and revamping a non-profit cat rescue. The work was created for the purpose of learning and has no affiliation with Catapalooza Inc.

Recreation - Flower Child

Flower Channel website mockup and markup. Explore Here

Project Description

In this assignment the goal was to recreate this website by utilizing methods and practices that were taught.

TED Talk Article

Broward College Article- TEDTalk Miami 2015


Contributed to Broward College Observer about a TEDTalk provided to Broward College Observer.

Documentation Provided Upon Request